Friday, May 2, 2008

Noggin: Little Bear Show - "Panties" Comment

I sometimes let my preschooler son watch the channel "Noggin" while I do my class work or counseling prep. Before we start the "TV, no TV argument" hear me out! Most parents of preschoolers will tell you its godsend and educational! Not to mention the incredible "Little Bill" cartoon show from Bill Cosby - my son adores it. I'd cut his hair the other day - and he totally resembled Little Bill!

Today's story though is about another good show "Little Bear". It's about the adventures of a little bear cub and his friends. My son watches it every couple of days. The other evening my husband was watching the show with him and can you believe it - the little bears were teasing a little girl that they could "see her panties" WHAT??!! My husband is the most easy going guy but he was mad! I didn't understand why the director believed it was okay to leave that content in the show. So I wrote the show online to protest.

I'm not usually up in arms but off late, I've been bitten by some parental bug. I'm waiting for the Noggin guys to respond. I was polite - I just stated I was disappointed with the "Panties" episode. If they are teaching kids about bullying or teasing, they can use other statements. I'm antsy about introducing "panty" conversations to preschoolers. I however, do believe we should tell our kids about appropriate touch and why no one is allowed to touch their genitals. The show however was not about that - it was about teasing/bullying which is good - I just disagreed with the "panties" conversation. I'm beginning to sound more conservative each day - blame it on the parental bug! At least we are trying to screen shows.

For folks arguing "no TV" good for you, really. I'm know your argument is strong and backed by research, I have reviewed most of it. For some of us, some shows and DVDs (Veggie Tales, Hermie & Friends etc) are a great break. Noggin, as I said is an incredible channel that shows awesome educational kids shows - so I will continue to keep an eye on what my son watches - and applaud or complain as necessary.


  1. "Most parents of preschoolers will tell you its godsend..." I hear you on that one! I think once you become a parent, things take a whole new perspective- I will admit parenthood made me more conservative too

  2. Parenthood made me a conservative too. And I would take and offense to the panties show. There are so many other approriate things that could have used to show teasing and I think the producers were irresponsible.

  3. Being a parent accounts for most people realizing that they are conservative however, a lot of my friends and I without kids are equally appalled to the point we've become self-labelled conservatives. Who is looking out for our kids, our future leaders?? I hope and pray that they are a lot more parents like you out there who are determined to safeguard our kids' innocence and ruffle some feathers if need be. I'm curious to know what the producer's of the show had to say!!

  4. I agree with the comment regarding the little bear program. I am a male and I routinely watch programs along with my children to screen content.
    I thought it was just me, but I was at my table doing some work while my kids were watching the program when I heard the comment about panties. I felt very uneasy and uncomfortable with the potential sexual sensitivity! Any program that focuses on a little girls panties as content now has to be placed under a microscope in this child porn climate we live in today. The directors now have to be examined. The fact that a grown person let that kind of content go over the airwaves has to be held responsible!


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