Saturday, January 31, 2009

Happy New 2009!

Its been awhile since I wrote the last blog - we've been rather busy. I had my graduation ceremony on December 14th after completing the graduate program back in June. We also had several gigs with our Positively Africa band and rehearsals are in full swing for the studio CD recording. I enjoyed my passion of working with couples over the holidays doing premarital education. I never cease to be amazed at how the program affects a couple's relationship by improving their communication and conflict resolution skills.

The next chapter of my personal life is about to unfold in a couple of weeks when our second son is born. I thank God my pregnancy has been drama free - it of course includes the occasional "any time" sickness and regular aches and pains. I will be posting a few items on how having siblings affects the couple's relationship. My husband has been truly patient and forbearing as usual - God bless him! This time I battled prenatal blues that I didn't experience with my first son and so that was a bit of a challenge for us. The interesting thing about my hormonal moods is that I take it out on others outside the home, I'm always nicer to my husband and just clam up with folks outside our house. I do try to warn him when I'm out of it and that way he's aware incase I am grouchy.

This year we'll be celebrating our 9th wedding anniversary and our 13th year together since we started dating back in 1996. Our older son is enjoying preschool and is an extremely self-assured 3 year old! Its makes me proud and sad at the same time to see him losing some of his babish ways. He is going through a phase of proclaiming his love for us and I wish I could capture that in a time capsule for when he turns older and doesn't want to say the words out loud :) I enjoy watching him play with my husband - his favorite game is tag, he gets to run around the house chasing daddy. He listens and talks to the baby in my womb, he's always asking if I'm doing okay. He's been telling total strangers he's getting a baby brother in February, so maybe that eases my anxiety about sibling rivalry. I'll still take him to the hospitals sibling class to help him adjust.

I wanted to post something since I might be busier in 3 weeks adjusting to baby #2 while pursuing our other personal and professional ventures. I am also busy updating the website and hope to publish the new one in a couple of weeks. There are tons of new and interesting relationship tidbits and resources that I'd like to add. Wish you all a great February and a memorable Valentine's day loving yourself first.