Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Commitment and Political Affairs - Sanford and Others

What a strange week that ended? First it was the worrying news of the missing Governor Sanford from South Carolina who turned up to have been 'crying in Argentina' over his affair with an Argentinian reporter. Then the sad and expected death of Farah Fawcett followed by the shocking and sudden death of Michael Jackson - our generation's Elvis. The previous week brought news of Senator Ensign's affair with a staffer and the riveting TLC show where Jon & Kate announced their coming divorce. Anyone else feeling infidelity/heartbreak fatigue? This is enough to make the most positive person swear off relationships and especially marriage. If you are being affected by infidelity, you can check out Beyond Affairs (BAN) support groups.

I love the updated 2009 Prepare/Enrich marriage education program which includes a section asking couples "Commitment" questions. I'm currently using the program with engaged couples and appreciate leading them through these difficult questions before they commit to each other for life. Affairs are nothing new and unfortunately don't seem to surprise anyone anymore. I would encourage engaged couples to openly ask each other what their stance on fidelity is in the relationship. Some are shocked to discover their partner does not believe in staying monogamous for the rest of their relationship/marriage. If you are seeking someone who believes in remaining sexually faithful to you, you need to voice that before walking down the aisle. Don't just assume your partner understands your stance on fidelity. By the way, women are increasingly having affairs and so this is not a gender specific issue. Do ask and Do tell your stance on faithfulness.