Thursday, April 30, 2009

Withholding Sex To Achieve Political Change - Kenyan Women

This was a great and funny story to read on CNN today - Kenyan women decided to go on strike and deny their husbands sex until political reform was achieved. Why am I not surprised as a Kenyan woman? I remember the strikes organized by women back in the 90's to protest the one party system before multi-partism was introduced. I also remember the hunger strikes organized by Professor Wangari Maathai and others for the green-belt movement fighting for Kenya's environment in the 90's. I guess Kenyan women have quite a history of achieving change through radical methods - this one takes the cake. I wonder how husbands will react? I bet you there will be some serious discussion on reform so hubbies can resume the taps on the shoulder for some loving!

I love the coy answer Ida Odinga (Prime Minister's wife) gave when questioned by the media - she focused on meeting the needs of common Kenyans (wananchi) while side stepping her husband's view on the matter. Some Kenya news YouTube videos at KTN (some men threatened beatings), CitizenTV (press conference) and KTNa (women debating merits).

I do believe its quite an effective method albeit a bit unorthodox. Married women have used the power of sex since time immemorial, in fact the Bible (1 Corinthians 7:3-5) instructs BOTH spouses NOT to deny each other sex unless it was for prayer. Soap box for a second - God intended sex for pleasure not just procreation otherwise there would have been thousands of babies born to each woman - you better believe those biblical men took their sex seriously! I am a music/youth pastor's wife and have been in/around Christian ministry for more than a decade - Christians have quite an appetite for such matters. I will be scouring Kenyan news online for updates.

Despite my amusement and secret solidarity with these women on political reform, I do not encourage using sex as a weapon in marriage. We've all had the "headache" that lasted for days, weeks or months because we were ticked off at our hubbies. However, it takes two to tango and if the shoe's on the other side, we'd hate to be begging for some loving. Marital experts do agree that couples should reach mutual agreements regarding their sex life to avoid serious complications and excuses for misbehavior. On this Kenyan women debate, I plead the 5th because I'm rooting for the women - here's to hearing my husband's opinion on the matter!